Zinc Roofing on an Old Priory by Essex Metal Roofing

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Experts in Zinc Roofing, Copper Roofing, Stainless Steel Roofing (TCS Roofing), Lead Roofing, PLX Roofing and Lindab PLX Roofing, you can trust us because we have over 40+ years experience in all aspects of  designing and installing hard metal roofing and we never contract out our work.  Our projects range from back garden extensions to royal palaces and landmark buildings.  Our approach to each project carries the same high standard of workmanship, whatever the project.  Based in Halstead, we cover Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Our portfolios in each of the metals shown below, show our standard of workmanship and range of projects, so please take time to look through the different projects and click on anything you find interesting for further photos and information.

Zinc Roofing

If you are considering zinc roofing because of its durability, longevity of life, near zero maintenance and ability to create style and character for your home, we have the experience and capability to help you make that statement.  We have created metal roofing for stunning home extensions, new build designs, dormers and statement walls using a range of colours and a myriad of design, some of which you can see in our range of projects shown below.  

Zinc Roofing Portfolio

Copper Roofing

Our Copper Roofing work includes design of home extensions,  restoration and heritage work on churches, cathedrals, metal domes and new build contemporary designs.  We never contract out work and will treat every project we undertake with the same quality of workmanship from a small rear extension to a heritage monuments, in addition we offer extremely competitive rates and examples of our work.

Copper Roofing Portfolio

Stainless Steel Roofing

For strength and durability Terne Coated Stainless Steel Roofing, also known as TCS Roofing, is the perfect solution.  Its durability makes it perfect for harsh or marine conditions as it doesn’t thin over time and is exceptionally robust.
It can be given a bright or matte finish – the latter giving a lead like appearance, making it perfect as a lead substitute in either modern or heritage projects.  Stainless Steel Roofing is a super eco-friendly material, being 100% recyclable with a potential life of over 100 years when installed by a professional.  You can find out more information on this robust material in our Stainless Steel Roofing Technical Information section and examples of our work are shown below:

Stainless Steel Roofing Portfolio

Greencoat PLX & Lindab PLX

This material is perfect for harsh conditions, as it’s hard-wearing and scratch resistant, yet pliable enough for us to create contemporary designs.  It is a coated steel, derived from one of the best steels available, which is then coated with a marine grade galvanisation making it highly resistant to the elements and comes in a vast range of colours.   Further information about Lindab PLX and Greencoat PLX Roofing can be seen at our Technical Information section.

Greencoat PLX & Lindab PLX Roofing Portfolio

Lead Roofing

We specialise in creating eye catching home extensions, as well as restoration, heritage and ecclesiastical projects, including Clarence House, Kensington Palace, The Tower of London, Brentwood Cathedral and the Duchess of Kent Morsoleum in Frogmore House Grounds, Windsor.    It doesn’t matter how small or secluded your home extension is, we will give it the same standard of high quality workmanship we would apply to any stately home.  Below are a few of our Lead Roofing projects in our Lead Roofing Portfolio and more information can be found about this historic roofing material in our Lead Roofing Technical Information Section.

Lead Roofing Portfolio

Metal Roofing Technical Information

Stainless Steel Domer by Essex Metal Roofing

Stainless Steel Technical Information

Stainless Steel Roofing Technical Information Terne coated stainless steel roofing has been preferred by architects for its ability to mimic the colour of aged lead sheets, it’s commonly specified on heritage buildings and churches and is often used to replace lead on ecclesiastical work or

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