Essex Metal Roofing

Copper Dome on the Scotch House
in regent street

This Copper Dome was created to replace an eroded one on Scotch House in Regent Street.  The original dome had been there for over 100 years, but there was now a need to replace it, which is not surprising given the air quality condition in London.  

Copper roofing on Scotch House Dome created by Essex Metal Roofing

The copper dome was crafted in an art deco theme and had two different levels which needed to be accommodated in replacement design, which was in a standing seam and batten roll design.  The copper dome can be seen from the ground and is therefore part of the heritage of the London skyline and needed to be recreated perfectly. 

Although not totally inaccessible from the top of the building, the copper roof dome is fairly difficult to reach and we have no doubt that this was the reason for creating in copper in the first place, as copper would have offered both the longevity of life required and had the advantage of being maintenance free.  Copper is always a good choice for inaccessible roofs as it has proven antimicrobial properties, is therefore moss resistant and very low maintenance, which again is a cost saving.

Copper Dome on Scotch House by Essex Metal Roofing

The labour costs involved in copper roofing creation or repair are no different to any of the other metals, but a copper roof will be by far the most superior of the metals given the above when creating a design such as this.  As you can see from this project, copper roofs have and extremely long life expectancy if laid to the correct codes of practice and by a good tradesman, they can several lifetimes.saving.

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