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Copper Roofing on a Church In Ilford, Essex

We were contact to carry out ecclesiastical heritage work to replace a section of damaged roof on a church in Ilford.  The original roofing was created in a style no longer used within the industry, as it is against the metal roofing code of practice, being a cross between a standing seam and a triangular batten roll.

To exact a repair and yet maintain the style of the roof overall we suggested it was replace with a traditional batten roll systems in the long strip style.


Copper Roofing on Essex Church by Essex Metal Roofing

Our reasoning on this was that it would look similar to the existing from the ground and additionally we felt that sooner or later the rest of the roof would most likely need replacing and the copper roofing batten roll system is widely used and known, as a good long-lasting design covered by present day codes of practice.

Copper Roofing on Essex Church by Essex Metal Roofing
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