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Copper Roofing – Technical Information

Copper Roofing is one of the oldest forms of metal roofing and can be utilised for standing seam and capping roofing systems, flashings and copings, complete rainwater systems, building expansion joints, wall cladding, spires, vaults, domes and various other design effects.

For this reason copper roofing was one of the preferred materials in church roof creation and as a result most church roofs have lasted for 100s of years.  An instance of one of our ecclesiastical projects can be seen in our post entitled  Copper Roofing on Southwark Cathedral.

Other heritage works we can carried out include the standing seam Copper Canopy Entrance we created to match the existing canopy on a building in Park Lane and a Copper Dome we created on the Scotch House in Regent Street (shown above), all of which can be seen in our Copper Roofing Portfolio.

Copper roofing on Scotch House Dome created by Essex Metal Roofing

Copper has been proven to contain antimicrobial properties and for this reason is an exceptionally low maintenance choice, being resistant to moss etc.   An example of this can be seen at our project Copper Cupola, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, which displays the a copper batten capping system being used to create a cupola covering the top of the chimney to the boiler house which leads to all of the greenhouse in Kew.  This design was created in pre-patina copper (already weathered green) to match the heritage of the site.

A copper roof is half the weight of a lead roof and quarter the weight of roofing tiles. Copper can also be used for cladding which offers additional opportunities to reduce weight.

It is a sustainable material, negating the need for the energy required in mining new resources.  Copper recycling only requires about 20 percent of the energy needed to extract and process primary metal and its alloys are 100 percent recyclable with no loss in quality of material as it does not degrade. Currently 55 percent of copper used in architecture comes from recycled sources.

If you are planning and extension of using copper roofing, an example of that can be seen at our Copper Roofing on Small Residential Extension, which also illustrates a heritage style of standing seam system.

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