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Lead Roofing for Large Residential Extension

We were contact by the builders on this project and advised that a change of plans meant that a lead roof was now required by the owner on this large extension, being created to provide additional space in the kitchen, diner and living areas.

Lead Roofing on Large Extension with Skylights by Essex Metal Roofing

This Lead Roof Extension was created in code 5 milled lead and the long box gutter was created with expansion joints rather than the traditional step method, which would not have provided the correct heights and falls to the outlets.

Lead Roofing on Home Extension with Skylights by Essex Metal Roofing

riginally the owners had predicted having a membrane/felt roof, however, they decided to upgrade to a more aesthetically pleasing material, with a long lifetime and minimal maintenance. 

Because the original architects details had envisaged a different roofing cover we worked with the architects and builders to ensure that the build up of the extension and materials beneath the lead were correct.  There was also a need to ensure that the length of bays and height of steps conformed to the Lead Codes of Practice.

Lead Roofing on Large Home Extension by Essex Metal Roofing

Because of the redesign of this roof, in order to give the client the lead roof they wished for, working closely with the architect again, we advised that the long box gutter would need to be created using an expansion joint technique to fall within the Lead Roofing Codes of practice.  Both the client and the architects were very happy with the end results.

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