Essex Metal Roofing

Lindab Greencoat PLX Roof
on a Residential Extension

The owners of this property wished to create a metal roof on their new extension.  They were particular about the colour of the roof which they wished to blend in with the colour of their windows.  After discussions with us they decided upon Lindab PLX (Greencoat PLX) in Titanium Grey.

Greencoat PLX Roofing on a rear extension by Essex Metal Roofing

We liaised with the owners in regard to the placing of the lights and the main roofing styles available and they eventually chose the style you see here which we manufacture using the coulisseau style seam and which is also a good example of fascias, soffits and top capping that can be used in metal roofing to give an aesthetically pleasing view from the ground.

However, we could also have built this metal roof using either a standing seam or single lock welt system.

Greencoat PLX Roofing with exterior lighting

The benefits of Greencoat PLX/Lindab PLX are the myriad of colours it is available in and its competitive price compared to other materials.

Greencoat PLX Roofing with lighting by Essex Metal Roofing

You need not worry if the colour you choose is scratched at a later date, since the manufacture (or one of their suppliers) also produce touch up paints in the same colours as their materials.

Greencoat PLX Roofing by Essex Metal Roofing
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