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Lindab PLX and Greencoat PLX Technical Roofing

Lindab PLX Roofing and Greencoat PLX Roofing are highly pliable, having an extra soft tinsmith quality, consisting of a rich galvanised coating beneath a hard-wearing finish which is resistant to corrosion and thus can be used in exceptionally harsh temperatures such as extremely cold winters or exceptionally hot summers.  It has a high colour retention, comes in a range of colours and is also UV radiation and scratch resistant.

The construction and qualities of Lindab PLX Roofing and Greencoat PLX Roofing give the metals an extremely green credential, as they use sustainable oils such as Swedish rapeseed oil in their production process and are therefore 100% recyclable with a low energy impact.   We created a project in dark grey Greencoat PLX on a this vented cold roof using the standing seam method with single lock fasciassoffits and accommodated the single pipe penetration for German Embassy.

Lindab Greencoat PLX on German Embassy in London

In another project we designed a style using the coulisseau style seam method and this project is also a good example of fascias, soffits and top capping that can be used in metal roofing to give an aesthetically pleasing view from the ground.  The owners of this home decided upon the Lindab PLX (Greencoat PLX) in Titanium Grey colour and installing roof lights embedded into the roof work on the exterior of the extension.

Overcoming design challenges is something that Lindab PLX (Greencoat PLX) is particularly useful for, when in the hands of a skilled craftsman.  During one of our new build projects we were required to develop a hybrid design of a normal dormer and an inverted dormer, to overcome the tricky design created by an architect who wanted a wow factor.

The labour cost of Lindab PLX / Greencoat PLX is the same as any other metal roofing and yet, in some cases, there can be cost savings to be made as the material is very keenly priced within the metal roofing industry.

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