Essex Metal Roofing

Lindab PLX Roofing on a listed heritage
seaside kiosk

We were contacted by the owner of this listed heritage Seaside Kiosk to create a metal roof for an extension to the Kiosk.  The planning department stipulated that they did not wish the new metal roofing to be in copper (as the existing) because they wished to show that a new part of the kiosk had been added at a later date.

Lindab PLX Roofing on a Seaside Kiosk by Essex Metal Roofing

Originally the planning department stipulated zinc for the new extension, however, when the owner contacted me I was able to advise that there was a possibility of a reaction from a copper roof running onto a zinc roof.  I advised an alternative material that would not react would be PLX, which would also be good for the marine environment.  

When the owner returned to the planning department they were happy to agree to the change in material once they had spoken with me and were given all of the technical information and advantages of Lindab PLX.  

Lindab PLX on a seaside kiosk extension
Lindab PLX Roofing on a small extension

The colour chosen for the Lindab PLX Roof was Titanium Grey would would closely match to the planning departments wish for dark grey zinc.

The roof was created using a standing seam T capping style to blend well with the copper roof above.

Lindab PLX Roofing on a Seaside Kiosk
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