Essex Metal Roofing

Barn Extension In VM Zinc Anthra Plus

This is a large barn extension was designed to create room for a new kitchen/dinner area.  The roof has been created using VM Zinc Anthra Plus, the positives of which are that it has a beautiful colour and, being plus, it has an extra protection to the back of the zinc, protecting it from harmful vapours.

The venting pipes are for a flue for the aga oven and a SVP (soil and vent pipe), the skill in placing this in the roof is in ensuring that the penetration for the roof is 100% sealed.

This is a cold vented roof which integrates into the existing natural slate roof, after this metal roof is finished the slate roofers will replace the slates at the back edge, creating a seamless channel for the water to flow onto the zinc roof and into the guttering.

This style of roof was chosen for a number of reasons.  Firstly, because it can be laid to a fairly low pitch (minimum 3 degrees), which slate a roof couldn’t, thus giving the interior space a good height throughout.  Secondly, because aesthetically, this type of roof in this colour suits the heritage of this style of building, which was key to meeting planning regulations within this area of historic buildings.

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