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Zinc Roofing Dormers for 'Building the Dream'

Zinc Roofing Dormers - Created using T Style Standing Seam/Coulisseau Seam and lock welt design on cheeks, for a Project Featured on Charlie Luxton's 'Building The Dream'

We were contacted by the client of a building project to be featured on Charlie Luxton’s ‘Building the Dream’.  We were asked to create a unique and eye catching zinc dormer design and given a free-hand to create our own design.  

The design we created  incorporated a traditional standing seam on the top roof, a T Style standing seam on the front and side cladding, a coulisseau style seam on the front lower soffit fascia and finally a single lock welt design on the cheeks at the sides of the dormer, which we then put forward for the clients approval.

The T section style of standing seam used for the top front cladding, is of Russian metal working origin which would only normally be used in the UK for a hip or ridge sections in longer designs, as we then combined this with three other zinc roofing methods to create the whole design, it is likely that this design is the only one of its kind in the UK.


Throughout the project we worked very closely with the client, particularly on the early build, providing advice on the required build up of the timber substrate, to ensure it complied with the metal roofing codes of practice for zinc roofing.

At the end of the build the client was kind enough to advise us that the end result was far more impressive that he could have envisaged at the beginning of the project and that, of course, made us feel that we had met the design brief perfectly.


We know that entwining these zinc roofing methods together certainly created something of a buzz on social media, because we have received highly complimentary feedback from fellow tradespeople, both in the UK, Russia and the rest of the world.

The photo shown here  is of the main dormer, which had a view over fields, and two Juliet Balconies were later added to the doors.


It is always interesting to create a project requiring design capability in technical skill, especially when you have been in the trade for 40+ years, and most often working from architects drawings and designs.  In addition it was a pleasure to work with the client to ‘build his dream’ and also with Charlie Luxton and his team from ‘Building the Dream’.

Below is the smaller of the dormers, to the rear of the building, which looked striking using the design we created.

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