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Zinc Roofing Extension on a Converted Barn

On this Zinc Roofing project the client contacted us to provide a standing seam zinc roof on a warm roof construction, which was accessible via the bedroom area on the first floor and extended the living area on the ground floor.

The Zinc Roofing here comprises of long bays and standing seams with zinc fascias, and in itself is a fairly standard construction, with very little detail.  Technically, the beauty of this style of design is that it can be laid to a minimum fall (pitch) of a minimum of 3 degrees, thus it gives the impression and use of a flat roof, whilst ensuring that the waterfall flows to the gutter.

Zinc Roofing on a Barn Conversion

The Zinc Roofing used was natural zinc, but as you can see from the photos due to the damp weather conditions the zinc had already started to weather into its light grey patina, which was the effect that the clients wished for.

Stainless Steel Roofing on Barn Conversion

We worked with the builders to ensure that the correct metal roofing codes of practice were followed and the whole zinc roofing construction too just over one week.

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