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Zinc Roofing - Rear Extension With Skylights

The client on this project was creating an extension which would wrap around the rear of their building.  The Zinc Roofing would be installed on a warm roof construction, in which two skylights were also to be incorporated.  

Zinc Roofing on Kitchen Extension by Essex Metal Roofing awaiting skylights to be inserted

In the majority of cases two separate roofs would have been created to alleviate adverse pitches and falls, however, because of planning restrictions the clients architect designed the build with a single roof.  This created some challenging aspects in regard to the installation of a zinc roof, particularly at the hip details.  To overcome this issue we planned in advance, laying out the roof detail to ensure that the expansion and contractions of the joints worked perfectly and not against each other, ensuring that water flowed correctly across the roof and into the guttering.

Zinc Roofing by Essex Metal Roofing

The client, architects and builders were extremely pleased with the end results of the zinc roof both aesthetically and in terms of the solution provided, which they had struggled to find someone to overcome until they had contact Essex Metal Roofing.  

Zinc Roofing on Extension by Essex Metal Roofing
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